Why A Natural Home?

     Home- A tiny word for such an important place. A space to gather, dream and relax. For us, the idea of common-place items that can be found outside, combined with the ease of classic treasures carefully curated is such a welcoming and lovely way to decorate. One doesn't need to spend a lot of money, but rather choose pieces that bring you joy and calm in the subtle shades of the outdoors. A seedpod captured in time, leather-bound books cracking at the spine or some carefully gathered dried flowers from along the roads edge - these objects have a beauty of their own that enrich our lives. 

We recommend you start slowly, look around you on walks, search for items that can easily be overlooked like the wire wrapping around a farmers fence, or the way a vine climbs up a tree.  See the subtle shades of grey on a windswept lake, or marvel at the opening of a bud in spring. Search for that special vessel that can showcase a large branch of dried harvested branches. It doesn't take much.